Sept 13

Not the most comfortable ride today, but we managed despite the fog and choppy seas. We made our way north today to Jeffries Ledge where we spotted three humpback whales to start off. They were ID’d as Nine, Highlighter, and Vulture. DSC_8110 (2)

DSC_8103 (2)After a bit we left the three to look at other blows around. We found a very elusive fin whale who was not surfacing very much. Luckily, there were even more blows in the area that belonged to two more humpback whales ID’d as Nike and Mogul. Mogul had some whale lice on him – crustacean parasites that live on the whale’s skin. You can see a patch of them inside the blowhole in a picture posted below! DSC_8244 (2)

DSC_8234 (2)On our way back to Gloucester we were surprised with a pod of around 50 Atlantic White-sided dolphins! They swam all around our boat and played in our way. DSC_8287 (2)Great trip today all around!

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