Sept 17

Today we headed back to the Northwest corner of Stellwagen Bank and we were not disappointed! We quickly picked up several blows and headed towards them were we spent some time with two humpbacks Patches and Scylla. They were with us for quite a while. We got some really fantastic looks at their white glowing pectoral fins because of the calm and clear waters today.

We saw several other blows around us so after some time we decided to go see who else was in the area. We got to where we thought we had seen two exhalations and suddenly there were three humpback whales right next to us! This trio was made up of Nine, Tornado and Sigma. This trio circled around us for a while and gave us some great looks at their large flukes. Every time they went on a dive we noticed several single humpbacks around the same area including Patches and Scylla from earlier who separated shortly before we left them and a breaching humpback.

Our trip ended with us getting some quick looks at another single humpback whale and a harbor seal who swam right along the boat. Even a few feet under water we could still see the seal swimming because of today’s perfect weather conditions. Passengers today all had some great questions and it’s safe to say they all learned a great deal about humpback whales today!

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