Sept 20

Tons of activity and tons of whales out on Jeffrey’s Ledge today! In the morning we saw a humpback mom and calf pair, Shuffleboard and her new 2015 calf. Her calf was being very playful, spending most of the sighting belly-up, rolling around, and slapping its pectoral fins on the water. It even swam, belly-up, right across our bow! The calf also did a spyhop where it brought it’s face up out of the water to take a look around, before returning again to its belly-up position. We saw a lot of activity in the distance, so we went to go check it out and we found Sigma and Tornado who put on quite the show. This pair was very active the entire time we were with them, flipper slapping and rolling around, and even giving us a few tail breaches. They were flipper slapping at the same time together and then alternating slaps, which was very cool to see!

On our afternoon trip, there were so many whales around we weren’t sure where to head first! As we were getting our bearings, there were a couple of single whales swimming all around, who were ID’d as Hornbill, Patches, Spar, and Geometry. After deciding on a course, we spent time with a trio of humpbacks, Owl and her new calf, and Mogul. Owls calf spent a lot of time rolling around and raising its flippers in the air, and it was certainly curious of us. At one point, the calf rolled onto its side right next to our starboard bow and you could see its eye right under the water checking us out. After hanging out with Owl and calf and Mogul, we checked out some other whales in the area – it was Sigma and Tornado who we saw in the morning still hanging out together! Terrific day of whale watching!

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