Sept 27

Our trip to Jeffrey’s Ledge this morning brought us a quick look at a whale breaching and flipper slapping in the distance. As luck would have it, as soon as we approached, the whale quieted down, taking only a few breaths before diving down. It turned out to be Hornbill, a male who frequently is found on Jeffrey’s. We left Hornbill and spent most of the trip with Owl, her new calf, and Geometry. Owl’s calf was being quite active and curious, rolling around, flipper slapping, tail breaching, and practicing blowing bubble clouds. Owl’s calf even surfaced through a big patch of seaweed and was playing with it on its face and flipper – a rare behavior called kelping! On our way back to the harbor we came across Hornbill again for a quick look, as well as passed by 4 different ocean sunfish, stopping to take a look at one of them.

Our afternoon trip was a very fun charter trip where we once again headed towards Jeffrey’s. There were 10-12 humpbacks all around us, including a pair ID’d as Cornucopia and Solo.

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