Sept 28

Although Monday usually means a bit of grogginess for us on land, out on Jeffrey’s Ledge marine life was excited and active! Our trip got off to a quick start when we spotted an Ocean Sunfish right outside of Gloucester Harbor. After our ocean sunfish we carried on, passing by Thatcher Island and continuing north to Jeffrey’s Ledge.

Our first whale sighting was of two humpback whales! They were taking rather short dives, spending lots of time just hanging out below the water surface and we even got an unexpected tail breach! Always very exciting to see any breaching behavior. After some time with this pair, we moved to where the tuna fleet was in hopes of finding a few more whales. We spotted a spout and came to a stop to try and pick it up again…but before long we were over come by a huge pod of Atlantic White Sided Dolphins. They swam around the boat for quite a while and made for a very enjoyable time. They finally continued south and we headed in the opposite direction towards the original spouts we had seen. There was a few humpbacks in the area and we got looks at a few including Spoon and her calf. There was also a trio which at the moment we thought included our original pair, but using our photo IDs we noted there was actually 5 different whales around us as well as 2 single humpbacks about a mile north of us. It’s always exciting seeing so much active marine life out there! When we started heading back south towards Gloucester Harbor we ran into the large pod of dolphins again and this time we traveled south with them for a while, getting some really close up looks at these beautiful creatures. Everyone on board was as happy with the dolphins as they seemed to be with us! All around a great trip today!Spoon


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