Oct 10

With winds threatening to cancel our trip, we bundled up, hoped for calm seas and set out to Jeffrey’s Ledge. Luckily for us, the swell was not nearly as bad as we thought and there were tons of whales in the area! We started out with a pair, one identified as Partition. These two had evidently been feeding since they left a big brown cloud of whale poop quite a few times! This pattern continued throughout the day, spotting two more pairs of humpback whales. A passenger actually asked if it was common to see this many pairs. A great question considering humpback whales are solitary animals. It seems like these whales have all formed short term associations to possibly eat cooperatively and can disassociate after a few hours or sometimes days.  The second pair was Sword and Victim, with who in addition to showing us evidence of eating krill, got a little playful with a tail breach and flipper slapping. Our third pair was a bit sleepy, probably since they had been feeding all morning (yup, more poop!), but they eventually woke up and we got some tail flicks. This last pair were humpbacks familiar to this area known as Tear and Clamp. While on these pairs we did see a few more blows around us, so clearly there was a lot of food in the area today. On our way back to Gloucester we spotted Sword and Victim again, who were taking a quick nap. We got some quick looks and continued on enjoying the beautiful afternoon out on the water. Thank you to all the passengers who joined us today, especially those celebrating their birthdays with us!

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