Oct 12

Calm seas, not too chilly, and tons of whales – what more could you ask for! On our way out to Jeffrey’s Ledge this morning we stopped briefly on two small pods of harbor porpoises, but they tend to be a little bit elusive! We moved on a little further and came across a second species of toothed whale – the Atlantic white-sided dolphin. There was quite a large pod of them, at least 100 to 200 individuals I would estimate. As we were watching them, we could see small groups of them all around us, and some of them even approached us quite closely. After the dolphins we continued on and found humpback whales Spoon and her new calf. The pair was pretty mellow, spending some time sleeping just on the surface. We spotted some more blows and moved on to what appeared to be a pair of humpbacks, but after one surfacing we quickly realized there were more – at least five in the group. This feeding group was busy charging and lunging through the water, trapping fish in the bristles of their baleen plates. Whales ID’d in this group were Nike, Grommet, Putter, and Cloud. Finally, to round out the trip, we visited one more pair of humpbacks, Buzzard and Partition. This pair showed us some interesting behaviors, including “snaking” where the whale bends in an “S” shape, and kelping, where the whale interacts with seaweed!

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