Oct 22

Today was quite an eventful day out on the water! It had been a few days since our last whale watch so we were all eager for what we might find. We traveled to an area where we came across a sleepy humpback whale who never fluked but had a floppy dorsal. We left this humpback to rest and explored the area near by. Shortly, we came across 1 blow, then 2, then 4, and before we knew it we had blows all around the boat! We started with two pairs that were close together. The four individuals were Highlighter, Tumbleweed, Tear and Pixar. With so much activity around us, once we got some close looks at these whales we moved on to the other nearby blows. We were with a trio of humpbacks for a while made up of Tornado, Calanus and Pinball. Pinball was a special treat for our crew since she’s one of our favorites (being one of our adoptable whales) plus, we hadn’t seen her in a few weeks. We bounced around to other whales, seeing Pixar for a second time and another unknown whale that we never got a good ID photo of. Then we started to head in the direction for home. Luckily for us, there were two whales on the way who didn’t want us to leave Jeffrey’s just yet. They both breached right in front of the boat! One was substantially smaller, so we assumed it was a mother-calf pair. However, looking at my photos I noticed it was actually Geometry who breached, and the smaller whale remains an unidentified (most likely) juvenile.

There were also tons of Northern Gannets out on the water today. And we also quickly passed by a small pod of harbor porpoises. Although the winds picked up towards the end of our trip, our time out there today was definitely worth it!

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