Oct 28

As October comes to an end, the Gulf of Maine humpback whales will shortly start their migration south to the Caribbean; Fortunately for the passengers on board today, we still had humpback whales out on Jeffrey’s Ledge! It was quite a bumpy ride out there, but we braved the spray and swells. Not too far out we picked up a few blows. There were at least 3 humpbacks whales. They surfaced a few times very close to the boat, then just staying below the water surface for a while. Eventually one rolled over, did a flipper slap, some tail breaches and even a full breach! While we were looking at these humpbacks we had a friendly harbor seal swim up next to the boat, too. As the seas picked up, we decided to head back in to Gloucester. Thanks to all the passengers for braving the seas today!

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