June 4, 2016

Upon arriving in Gloucester, Saturday afternoon, my hopes of finding whales on today’s trip started to dwindle; thick fog greeted me as I drove over the bridge. Giving the harbor tour on our way out of Gloucester harbor was a fool’s errand as none of the passengers could see any of the sights I was describing. Nonetheless, we headed south toward Stellwagen Bank, hoping we would stumble across something, anything really. We should have had more confidence, in the thick fog we were able to find Shuffleboard.

At times it was tough, even though we could hear Shuffleboard close to the boat, the fog made it impossible to see. Although, we did get some excellent views of Shuffleboard feeding right next to us, and coming up with fully expanded pleats! Hopefully, the whales continue to return to Stellwagen over the next few weeks!

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