Friday, June 10, 2016

Today was beautiful day on the water with plenty of visibility and calm seas. We did quite a bit of traveling today, but it certainly paid off as we were treated to some fantastic sightings! We started off the trip with a feeding humpback whale named Shuffleboard. Shuffleboard was busy corralling prey and blowing a few bubble clouds, often coming up with a huge mouthful of water and fish! She wasn’t staying under the water for long at all and we were able to get many good looks.

We saw a few more blows in the area and continued on to see a gorgeous fin whale. This fin whale was very cooperative, approaching close to the boat and letting us all appreciate just how massive they are! We could clearly see that striking white jaw under the surface as well. As we started making our way back home, we could see a couple of different blows all around us from a few different humpback and fin whales in the area.

Naturalist Allison

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