June 19, 2016

On our morning trip, we first spent time with a beautiful pair of fin whales who surfaced right alongside our port side. We saw other blows in the area and continued on to find a pair of humpback whales! Some passengers saw that they were breaching in the distance as we made our way over to them, but as soon as we caught up to them they mellowed out. We still got wonderful looks at the pair as they scooted around the boat. There were also blows from another fin whale and two other humpback whales in the area that we unfortunately didn’t get to look closely at. However, it is a great sign when there are multiple blows all around!

Our afternoon trip was unfortunately much rougher than the marine forecast had predicted. For the sake of passenger safety and comfort, we made the decision to turn back early. We hope you will come join us on another day where mother nature allows us to get out and show you some whales!

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