June 22, 2016

What a day on the bank! There is so much life out there, everywhere we looked we could see blows and tails! We had at least 15 humpbacks in the area for our trip today, with a couple minke whales scattered about and a fin whale also hanging around in the distance. Humpbacks identified were Tear, Fern, Habanero, Cosmos with her new calf, and Fulcrum. There was also a second mom and calf pair that we got close looks at. Cosmos and her calf were being very active as we approached them, both breaching out of the water. As we got closer, the calf continued breaching while Cosmos did some belly-up lobtailing! We also saw tons of feeding activity with whales lunging up with giant mouthfuls of fish and water over and over again. Some of the whales were also kick-feeding, slapping their tails on the water before going down and corralling prey. Tear was being pretty active, showing us just how massive humpback whale pectoral flippers are with some flipper slapping! Thank you to all of our passengers, including a school group, who joined us today – you certainly picked a wonderful day for whale watching!

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