Friday, June 24

The last two days, on Stellwagen Bank, have been nothing short of phenomenal. We’ve had four species of whales (fin whales, minke whales, sei whales, and more humpback whales than we could count). The prey species seems to have shifted to sand lance in the last week or so, we know this because we could see it jumping out of the whales’ mouths as they were feeding! We have finally started to see some of the humpbacks that I consider “old regulars”, and some not so regulars, including…Apostrophe, Cardhu, Chablis, Cajun, Draco, Erosion, Fern, Flounder, Habenero, Nazca, Owl, Nimbus, Pogo, Tear, Underline. We were also happy to see some new mother’s including Etch-a-sketch, Terrace, and Entropy.

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