June 27

It was a bit rocky on the ocean today, thank you to our hardy passengers for braving the seas today to come watch whales today! On our morning trip we ventured about 26 miles from the harbor and were delighted to find a single humpback whale being active. Our single humpback was identified as Harrow. Harrow was busy tail breaching and flipper slapping, giving us some fabulous views. We also saw Salt and her new calf as well. It’s always a treat seeing Salt, the first humpback whale cataloged in the population back in 1976. She is considered to be the “Grand Dame” of Stellwagen Bank.

On the afternoon trip we headed out to the bank again where we came across Perseid, an 18 year old female humpback. Perseid was being very mellow today, but allowed us to get great looks at her as she surfaced close to our bow a few different times. Thank you again to our wonderful passengers for coming out today to search for marine life on the bank. Every trip is different and we don’t know what we are going to find until we head out there and give it a shot!

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