July 3

The sun was out and the seas were calm for our Sunday trips to Stellwagen bank. In the morning we had whales super close to shore, only about 9 miles away! We came across Scylla the humpback whale and what appeared to be her calf. The calf looked a little bit on the bigger side and was holding its breath for a long time which was surprising, but based on the behavior, I’m pretty sure it was indeed her calf. There were also a couple of fin whales in the area and we got up close looks at one of them, really appreciating just how massive they are. We also found another humpback whale, a female named Glo-stick and watched her for a while. Glo-stick is actually one of Scylla’s calves, so it was interesting they were in the same area today. Glo-stick eventually joined Scylla and her calf for a surfacing but then the trio broke up as we made our way back home.

In the afternoon, the whales had moved a bit more off shore. The fin whales stole the show in my opinion. We got amazing looks at two different fin whales right next to our boat. Seeing fin whales up close is just breathtaking! We also found Scylla and her calf again. The calf surprised us with a couple of breaches, rolling, and little flipper slapping!

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