July 4

Happy 4th of July! It was wonderful to be able to spend such a gorgeous holiday with the whales. On the morning trip we got a special treat – a huge pod of Atlantic white sided dolphins!! This was my first time seeing dolphins this season, so it was definitely an awesome surprise. I would estimate that there were around 200 dolphins in this pod, with some mom and calf pairs included. Some of the dolphins even jumped right out of the water. After our fabulous dolphin sighting, we continued down the bank to find some larger whale species and we came across quite a few. Whales identified were Falcon, Lariat, Literal, and Touche, and two others that I couldn’t identify. On our way home, we actually found another humpback whale that gave us our best sighting of the day – it turned out to be a female whale named Hancock. Hancock surfaced directly off of our starboard bow and stayed at the surface checking us out for a while, giving us all incredible looks. Definitely a great way to end a trip!

Our afternoon trip took us pretty far from shore, but was well worth it when we came across 13 humpback whales in the area. We got up close and personal looks at 8 of those 13 whales, some identified as Bowline, Flock, Music and her calf, Canopy, and Perseid. Bowline and Flock were traveling together and approached our boat very closely, giving everyone amazing looks. Music’s calf was also being a bit active, rolling around and doing some flipper slapping. Thank you to everyone who spent the holiday with us!

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