July 11

There were a lot of whales on the bank today, a great sign that there is a lot of productivity! On our morning trip we traveled about 14 miles to find at least 15 humpback whales. They were all around us as they kept breaking up associations and coming back together, they were certainly very busy moving around today. Whales ID’d in the morning were Tornado and her calf, Echo and her calf, Falcon, Pele, Perseid, Cajun, Alphorn, Jupiter, Milkweed, Bristle, Bowline and Tectonic. One of the calves got very curious of us and surfaced right next to us, appearing to be looking at us underwater.

In the afternoon we went about 15 miles to find many of the same whales we had in the morning! Whales ID’d were Pele, Tornado and calf, Echo and calf, Alphorn, and a few others giving us a total of 10 humpbacks. As a correction, the whale that was with Echo and her calf was actually Tectonic, not Putter.

Echo and her calf gave us amazing looks as they logged right off our starboard bow. Another great day with the whales!

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