Tons of Whales this week!

The past few days we have been going to Stellwagen Bank and having very successful trips! In the past 2 days the whales have been nice and close, on the northwest corner of the bank.  Lets hope they stay right there for the rest of the season! 

Humpacks we have been seeing lately: Coral, Ember, Colt, Pinpoint, Wyoming, Thread, Fracture, Geometry, Putter, Barb, Tongs, Jabiru, Echo, Pele, Conflux, Crown, Anchor &calf, Pumba and Clothesline.

We have been receiving lots of pictures lately, thank you to anyone who has emailed us any.  We also welcome comments/feedback on our blog, so let us know what you think!

 Thank you Brian D for sending us these pictures he took of our boat:

Capt Bills


Capt Bills (3)

and thanks to Lucille for the great breach photos taken on one of our trips:

Gloucester-Whale Watch 8 15 125

Gloucester-Whale Watch 8 15 128

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