July 12

This morning we didn’t have to go far to find whales. Thanks to our sharp-eyed intern Kate, we spotted some blows close to Cape Ann.  Dyad, the humpback whale was taking short dives and blew a bubble cloud to trap her prey! A couple of minke whales were scooting around too, giving some nice looks at them while she was underwater.  We spotted another blow in the distance and went in search of it. But after lots of searching, we came up empty. Seems that the whale that was there was trying to pull a fast one on us and swam by us, underwater, over to where Dyad was!  This sneaky whale was Hancock.  Both Dyad and Hancock are female, and both had calves last year!

This afternoon we found Dyad again and spent some time with her before moving on to watch a pair of humpbacks. The whale who was fluking frequently was Pele, while the friend was just identified as Bristle!  We also watch a minke whale for a bit while the humpbacks were below the surface. Great day for whale watching!

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