July 16

It was another blazing hot summer day today, it was wonderful to escape offshore to cooler weather. On our morning trip today we passed a breaching school of tuna and a couple of minke whales as we made our way further down Stellwagen and ended up finding a pod of North Atlantic white-sided dolphins! Some of dolphins in the pod were tail slapping and breaching so it was a wonderful sighting. We also spent time with 3 different humpback whales: Dyad, Fulcrum, and Cantilever. Dyad was off by herself, while Fulcrum and Cantilever were traveling together. Cantilever is the 2007 calf of Fulcrum so it was interesting that they were hanging out together! Fulcrum is looking wonderful and healthy, despite overcoming being hit by a boat in 2003 (giving her the very distinctive scar where her dorsal fin should be) as well as being entangled in fishing gear in 2005. We also got a great look at a minke that surfaced directly next to our starboard bow while we were watching Fulcrum and Cantilever, which was a nice surprise.

For the afternoon, we ended up finding Dyad, Fulcrum, and Cantilever again. Fulcrum and Cantilever were no longer swimming together and had gone separate ways. Fulcrum was doing a lot of “logging”, or the closest thing that whales get to actual sleep. She stayed at the surface for very long periods of time, not really diving down too much which was wonderful for us to be able to watch her. It was a beautiful day on the water!

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