July 17

It was a bit overcast and foggy on the ocean today but that didn’t stop us from having 2 great whale watches! In the morning we first spent time with a familiar whale named Dyad who has been hanging around the area recently. We watched her for a while before deciding that we wanted to do a bit of searching and see if we could find some more whales further down the bank. All of our hard work paid off, because after all of our searching we ended up finding a group of 3 humpback whales! Just as we found them, some thick fog set in, but we were still able to get great looks at the trio. They put on quite the show, as we observed flipper slapping, a whole bunch of tail breaches, and a really strange tail wave that I had never seen before! Whales ID’d were Nuages and Ember. A big thanks to Captain Marc for taking the extra time to look for other whales to ensure that we got the best trip possible!

On our afternoon trip we again spent some time with Dyad who was still around the same area. Dyad was taking quick breaths and then going right back down again, so after spending a little time with her we moved on to a pair of humpback whales that was nearby. The pair turned out to be Fulcrum and Cantilever. Fulcrum is the epitome of just how resilient these whales can be, having survived a ship strike in 2003 as well as an entanglement in 2005. It is wonderful to see her on the bank looking well. Cantilever is actually the first calf that Fulcrum had back in 2007, so it is interesting that they were hanging out together. Fulcrum was doing a lot of logging and we got great looks!

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