July 18

It was a very busy day out on the North West corner of Stellwagen Bank. On our first trip we started off the day with a Finback whale. We could easily see the right side of its lower jaw appearing to glow fluorescent green underneath the surface of the water. It was a beautiful sight. We then ventured on to a Humpback whale named Ember. Ember was staying down for quite some time on his dives so we then ventured on to our second humpback whale of the day which could not be identified, despite the beautiful looks we had at the underside of its tail flukes. To top off our morning trip we ended the trip with a trio of humpback whales who gave us a spectacular show. The trio included Echo and her calf and Alphorn. The three were certainly associating with one another, as the calf would sometimes swim right over top of Alphorn. The three seemed to be doing some feeding in the area as well.

The second trip of the day was just as eventful as the first. The first whale we noticed in the distance was a Humpback whale named Dyad. She gave us some great looks at the underside of her tail. She was staying under the surface of the water for long periods of time and moving at a consistently fast pace. We assumed she may have been traveling in search of other food in the area. Our last look at whales included another trio of Humpback whales that we were on for a good amount of time. This time the trio included Etchasketch and her calf and their escort female friend name Cantilever. The calf breached once and then did a half breach on the other side of the boat moments later, giving the crowd an amazing show. Just minutes later Etchasketch and Cantilever seemed to be taking turns kick feeding and lunge feeding. The passengers were able to get looks at the baleen plates that make up the upper jaw of the Humpback whale. They even came right up next to the boat lunge feeding, bringing the birds with them, who were picking up the fish that managed to escape the whales’ mouths. The calf got very close to the boat too, surprising the crew and passengers. With a big storm rolling in to Gloucester Harbor we decided to end the trip on a good note and head back home.

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