July 20

Lots of whales on the bank today, they were just a little spread out! In the morning we had 4 humpbacks in the area. The first one we spent time with was Farfalle. Farfalle was born in 2013 and just received a name, getting his or her unique name from a butterfly shaped marking on the left tip of the tail fluke. We also saw Shuffleboard the female humpback whale, and got a quick look at a third in the area.

In the afternoon we had about 5 humpbacks in the area and 3 minke whales throughout the trip! We got great looks at a female humpback name Dyad who was clearly busy doing some feeding today as she was filtering a few times upon surfacing. We saw a number of other blows in the area and tried to get some looks at two fin whales around, but they were being a bit elusive. We ended our trip with a quick look at another individual humpback before making our way back home.

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