July 21

The whales were all about feeding today! On our morning trip we first started out with three humpback whales that are often seen together – Pele, Cajun, and Jabiru. We got great looks at the trio before moving on to some other whales in the area, getting a brief look at two more whales, one ID’d as Bolide. We then found ourselves with a pair of kick feeding humpback whales! Our pair turned out to be Dracula and Amulet. Dracula and Amulet were busy kicking their tails on the surface of the water, blowing bubble nets, and then coming up mouth wide open to collect all of their hard-earned prey. We got beautiful looks at humpback baleen and observed them being flocked by hundreds of gulls trying to steal fish from the mouths of the whales!

In the afternoon, we started off our trip with a female humpback named Dyad. After some good looks at her, we moved on to a pair in the area that turned out to be Shuffleboard and Cantilever. We watched them for a bit and noticed a group of four also around the area. However, we got a report of feeding activity further up ahead of us and Captain Dave decided that he wanted to go the extra mile (or 7!) to ensure that our passengers got the best trip possible. So we ventured 7 miles further south and we were very lucky we did because we found about 5 feeding humpback whales! Whales ID’d in this group were Dracula, Amulet, and Bolide. There was also a much smaller whale around that looked like it could have been a calf or a juvenile. This smaller whale gave us a quick tail breach among all the feeding going on by the adults. We witnessed kick-feeding and saw humpbacks come up open mouthed, showing their baleen. It really was a breath-taking day, it’s great to see so much productivity on Stellwagen Bank!

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