July 22

We had a great day out on the water on Friday the 22nd. Here’s what we saw:

AM trip:

Large pod of around 100 Atlantic white sided dolphins

Shuffleboard was doing some filter feeding at the surface with some bubbles.

Dyad stole the show with great looks at open mouth feeding with plenty of birds grabbing a free snack.

We saw about 3 fin whales, one great close look at a fin whale feeding, pleats expanded, off the bow.

We saw about 5-6 minke whales in the same area.

Plenty of shearwaters, gulls and storm petrels.

We saw Pele, Cajun, and Jabiru deep feeding, got some great looks at the trio.

PM trip:

We saw about 3 minke whales throughout the trip.

Started with Shuffleboard breaching and flipper slapping.

Ended the trip with Cajun, Pele, and Jabiru deep feeding.

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