July 24

On today’s morning whale watch we got to pass by a few minke whales within an hour of heading out! We started out the trip by spending some time with a fin back whale. This whale gave us some cool looks at the largest baleen whale in the Gulf of Maine.

From the fin back whale we moved on to a single humpback whale, Mayo. Mayo was bubble feeding, creating a large ring of bubbles and then appearing right next to it. It was a really interesting sight to see! From this single humpback we moved on to a trio, Cajun, Pele and Jabiru. This trio came close to the boat a few times, startling us a bit!

We ended up the trip hanging out with a very active Hancock. This humpback whale was giving us a LOT of evidence of feeding, including some filtering at the surface and bubble clouds. We starting heading back and got another quick look at Mayo feeding near some birds.

Our afternoon trip had almost the same whales. We started with two active fin whales who got very close to our boat. Then passed a minke on the whale to a single humpback whale. We weren’t able to identify this individual but later on we ran into Hancock again who was still feeding. We finished the day with Cajun, Pele and Jabiru. This trio was together last summer, so it’s really interesting to see them together again!

We hope you’ll join us out there this week with great whales and great weather!

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