July 26

This morning we found a humpback whale on our way to Stellwagen Bank. This whale was taking 5-6 minute dives and when we finally saw her tail, we could tell this was a humpback named Shuffleboard!

We spotted a couple of  minke whales not too far away and then another humpback whale before continuing on.

Before we knew it, we had 5 whales all together in a group! Seeing all these whales charging the surface together was quite amazing.   But it got better…. One of the whales, Perseid left the group and as she did, Pele breached!  Then Pele kept breaching over and over, 18 times!! Pele headed off as well, leaving a trio of females together.  Then to our surprise, one of the females named Hancock breached! We really got spoiled this morning!!

This afternoon, we found a trio of minke whales just before we found the humpback whales. The minkes were awesome and came up in all directions around the boat!!  For the humpbacks, we found most of the same whales as the morning trip. Pele and Perseid were paired up and the trio was still together (Jabiru, Hancock and Cajun).   Although no breaching by Pele this afternoon, we did get some incredible views as these huge whales surfaced really close to our boat! We must have been above some really great whale food to keep them in such a small area for so long!  Those who hoped to escape the heat on land were disappointed though, as it was still really hot 15 miles offshore!

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