July 27

Today was a lovely day off shore. In the morning we watched Hancock who has been hanging around the area lately. She gave us some great looks and we then watched a trio of female humpbacks, Cajun, Jabiru, and Perseid. Cajun often associated with the same particular individuals, Jabiru and Perseid being two of them, so it was fun seeing them all together. They surprised us by surfacing directly off our starboard bow, giving us incredible close to boat looks. We then found a very small whale that appeared to be a juvenile. This what jumped out of the water once and then stopped all surface activity unfortunately. This small whale did decide to get very close to us, however, giving us all our second close to boat looks of the morning.

This afternoon we headed back to the bank and found Hancock again. We also found another smaller individual that appeared to be a juvenile, but a different one from the morning! This whale surprised us with two tail breaches and one belly-up lobtail which was unexpected and fun to see! We then finished our trip with looks at Cajun, Jabiru, and Perseid again. Thanks to all our passengers for coming out to see the whales today, hope to see you again soon!

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