July 29

Even though it was rainy, windy and foggy today for the morning trip we still had an excellent day of whale watching. We started off the day with two single humpback whales, getting a nice glance at both of their dorsal fins. We then moved on to an active humpback calf that was rolling on to its back, throwing its tail flukes in the air, acting playful and curious. It was also doing head stands, sticking its tail all the way out of the water. As we ventured on we saw the calf reunite with what looked to be its mother. We ended the day with a sextet of humpback whales in a very foggy area. We had to be very quiet in order to hear them surface. We thought we only saw a trio but to our surprise three more popped up with them. One of the six being Crisscross who was born in 2009. The group was surfacing together for quite some time and we were able to get some great looks at the underside of their tail flukes. The sextet then split up in what seemed to be pairs. We then headed back to Gloucester harbor through the fog.

The weather cleared up nicely for the afternoon trip so we ventured on out to the North West corner of Stellwagen bank. We started off the day with a trio of very elusive fin back whales. We could see their very tall spouts in the distance but as soon as we reached their location they disappeared. We spent the rest of the day with a humpback whale named UFO. We got some really incredible close up looks at UFO right below the surface of the water, giving the passengers an idea of how massive these animals really are. We noticed something different about UFO by its blowhole. There was a circular wound about the size of its blowhole. We were happy to see that despite UFO’s wound he/she is doing very well and was actively swimming around near our boat.

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