July 31

Today’s whale watch was one for the books! An incredible look at some of the world’s more magnificent creatures: the humpback whale. On both trips today there were hundreds of pelagic birds such as cory shearwaters, greater shearwaters and wilson storm petrel.

This morning’s whale watch we had some great open mouth surface feeding very close to the boat. One whale came up just feet from our bow giving us some amazing looks at the size of it’s baleen and lower jaw. There were at least 7 whales bubble feeding at once. Some of the most amazing views of feeding I have ever seen! We also spent some time with a mother and calf pair. Some of the whales we saw were: Centipede, Treasure, Lace and calf, Ravine and calf, Elephant, Gladiator, Baja, Nuages, Daffodil and Ursa.

Our afternoon trip was also a huge success having 20+ whales in the area and seeing flipper slapping, tail slapping, surface feeding, a tail breach, and even a full spinning head breach. A few whales surfaced close to the boat but really anywhere you turned your head you could spot a whale. We even ran into a other and calf pair on the way back in. Some of the individuals on the afternoon trip were: Joy, Lavalier, Pinpoint, Centipede, Daffodil, Echo and calf, Pele, Jabiru, Cajun, Indiana and Farfalle.

Overall a beautiful day on Stellwagen Bank, with calm seas and lake conditions at some points!

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