August 1

The first trip out today took us all the way offshore of Provincetown Cape Cod, MA. The long trip out was well worth it. We spent the day with a variety of humpback whales. The first pair we came across was Crystal and Blackhole. We then ventured on to a larger group of humpbacks. We started with Pele who was associating with another humpback whale. They both joined three other humpback whales to make a group of six. We spent the rest of the morning with this group who would split up occasionally and join back together. The rest of the whales included Venom plus her calf and Crisscross. The whales were moving rather fast but the passengers got some great close up looks at them.

The afternoon trip did not take us quite as far as Provincetown but we had a three species trip. We ended up seeing six minke whales. We saw one minke whale actively surface feeding, giving us a nice glance at its white underside. We also saw four finback whales, two of which we spent a good amount of time watching. We even saw half of the finback’s fluke at one point which is very rare. We believe it was a mom and a calf pair that we spent most of our time with. We also spent a great deal of time with a mom and a calf humpback whale. The calf was tail lobbing and even did a full breach at one point. After a three species trip, we headed back to Gloucester harbor with some very satisfied passengers.

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