July 28

This morning we started out our trip with a quick look at a fin whale and then moved further down the bank to find a trio of humpback whales – Pele, Perseid, and Jabiru. We got great looks at the trio and then moved on to a brief sighting of another humpback in the area that turned out to be UFO, a young whale born in 2013 that was just given a name this year. We also had a nice sighting of some minke whales where we suddenly found ourselves surrounded by 4 of these “little” whales. On our way back home we came across Pele and Perseid again. Jabiru was nearby, but was no longer associated with the other two humpbacks.

It was quite windy for our afternoon trip, but we pressed on down the bank to come across Perseid traveling with another unidentified whale. The other whale left the association with Perseid shortly after we arrived, so we spent most of our time in the beginning with Perseid. We then moved on and got some looks at UFO again before again coming back to where we left Perseid, but she wasn’t alone this time. Perseid had met up with Jabiru and the two gave us amazing looks. The direction of the wind today brought the exhalations from Jabiru and Perseid right to our boat, giving passengers on board a nice sniff of some very memorable whale breath! Surface activity picked up as we continued to watch the pair, with Perseid giving us a tail breach. All of the sudden Jabiru became very active and began tail breaching, lob tailing, belly-up lob tailing, and flipper slapping! It was wonderful seeing all of this surface behavior, and Jabiru even gave us one full breach just as we were getting ready to leave. As we moved out of the area, we could still see Jabiru continuing to flipper slap far in the distance. Who knows how long she kept it up!

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