Tuesday, August 9

All sorts of variety on the Bank today! The birds are out in force. We had 100’s of shearwaters (great, Cory’s, sooty), Wilson’s storm petrels, common terns, a fulmar and some other unidentified small gulls.  For whales: minkes, fins and humpbacks were not too far from Gloucester!  For me, the coolest part of the morning trip was seeing 4 HUGE fin whales side by side, one of whom was our friend, and adoptable whale, named Ladder!

This afternoon, we found some humpbacks that we hadn’t seen during the morning trip including Fulcrum, bearing the scars of a boat strike a while back, and a mother and calf pair. The calf was quite active, breaching several times!! So much fun.  Then we saw Fulcrum kick-feeding, a relatively new behavior in the humpback world and coming up through the bubble cloud with her mouth wide open!   18 different humpback whales were recorded in the area! We also had at least 6 fin whales, all hanging out in pairs! Minke whales were scooting through as well. Such an amazing day with wildlife!

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