Wed, August 10

This morning we found humpback whale, Komodo, who was tail breaching and tail-lobbing!  We then saw Etch-a-Sketch and her calf nearby so we watched them for a bit. Also in the area were 4 fin whales, 3 of which were feeding together! One of these whales was Ladder (also seen yesterday). Ladder has a distinctive scar on his right side- the result of a collision with a boat. Also in this trio was a whale with an even larger propeller scar on its left side!  I’m not sure we’ve seen this whale before!  Minke whales were also darting all over, and the shearwaters numbered in the 100’s again!

This afternoon, the wind and seas picked up rather quickly, making for a bumpy ride to Stellwagen Bank. The rain wasn’t helping the situation, but fortunately we were rewarded by an incredible trip!  We first stopped on some fin whales that were cruising around the area, feeding. One even lifted its flukes out of the water- extremely rare for a fin whale!! Then we headed over to a humpback whale who was doing a lot of splashing. This was Komodo again and this afternoon this active whale had a hard time staying in the ocean! Breach after breach after breach! It was an incredible sight to see.  Komodo also did some flipper slapping, even while belly-up!  So much fun!  Fin whales and minkes were in the area as well while we anxiously awaited more aerial activity from Komodo. As we were heading home, we passed by some more fin whales and then we spotted a breaching minke whale! I can’t remember if I’ve ever seen 2 different species of whales breaching during the same trip!  So incredible to see this “small” 25-foot whale leap out of the ocean like a missile.  Such and amazing day on the Atlantic Ocean.

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