Aug 18


Gorgeous morning on the water! We went to Stellwagen Bank and spotted 4 singles milling around the area. The whales were staying down on longer dives. We started off with looks at Lutris, he was staying down on longer dives. We traveled about 1/4 mile to watch Cajun, Pele, and Perseid traveling together. We got some amazing close looks, all three whales swimming right under our boat. Lutris moved into the area as well, never joined the group, but came up right next to us with his mouth open. We also spotted two unidentified juveniles logging to end the trip. There were about 4 other whales in the area as well. Great trip!


The afternoon we started off with UFO filtering next to the boat. We watched Cajun, Pele, and Perseid deep feeding. From about 1/2 mile we saw two whales double breaching, we decided to leave the trio to watch the breaching pair. They started logging as we approached, it turned out to be the same two unidentified juveniles from this morning. We ended the trip on the trio and watched UFO and Lutris join up together before leaving the area. Nice afternoon!

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