Aug 22

The rough seas didn’t scare us off today, which was a great thing since we had such an awesome trip out there!

We got to spend time with a humpback whale. It got really close to the boat a few times and we got wonderful looks at it! It did a couple of flukes before it got a little lazy and stayed fluking very low. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find an ID yet. So who this whale might be remains a mystery for now!

We then got the chance to see something I had never seen before- a breaching Minke! It breached a few times in the distance and then we got one breach while we were on it. It disappeared after the breach so we moved on to a few blows that were near by. The winds were picking up and we were unable to stop on the whale for long but we did get some looks at one of them and again as we started heading for home.

Although the ride back was a little bumpy and wet it was still a great day out there!

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