Aug 21

This morning we decided to take a gamble and it was well worth it! We knew there were only a couple whales on the NW corner of Stellwagen Bank (along with 3 other whale watch boats), so we decided to continue south to see what we could find. Just south of mid bank we found about 15 humpback whales! The whales were traveling and deep feeding, we had a couple groups come up right next to the boat. We watched Perseid, Crisscross, Aerospace, and A Plus closely to start off the trip. A whale in the area started breaching and flipper slapping, we ended up watching this whale breach for almost 30 minutes! We got some amazing looks, but unfortunately, I was unable to identify this whale. We were never lucky enough to see its fluke, but what an amazing whale. Going the extra few miles was definitely worth it this morning!

This afternoon we decided to head to the same spot down south. There were a few whales in the area, but they were moving around erratically. The same whale from this morning’s trip began breaching and flipper slapping again for almost 20 minutes this afternoon! So rare to see consistent surface activity on both trips today! It was an amazing day out on the water!

2 Responses to “Aug 21”

  1. Kaitlyn Says:

    It was a wonderful experience on the morning trip and we loved it! We feel so lucky to have seen so much activity with our mysterious breacher. We went on this same whale watch last year and saw two breaches and a full breach, but nothing like this! We had no idea this trip could be even better! However, sad to see no photos included on the blog. Last year it was awesome to be able to see photos taken from the excursion since my little camera doesn’t take good photos. The mystery breacher would of given us some gorgeous, amazing shots.

  2. Naturalist Dianna Says:

    Hi Kaitlyn,
    Photos haven’t been uploaded to me yet to post but as soon as they are, I will post! Our staff is pretty busy at this time of year as you can imagine. Thanks for your patience!
    Capt Bill’s