Aug 25

Another great day out on the water today! The morning trip we started off with an unidentified humpback whale diving right next to the boat. It looked a little small so it might of been a calf whose mother was in the area. After this calf seemed to have disappeared, we made our way to 3 blows in the distance. These belonged to the trio of Cajun, Jabiru and Pele, also humpback whales.

This trio has been spotted together several times, although coincidentally Jabiru has been spotted north on Jeffrey’s Ledge just yesterday! I guess she made her way back to her friends over night. This trio was probably feeding and not spending a lot of time at the surface. After the trio we were with A-Plus, out 5th humpback whale. A-Plus’ whale is really cool, since it’s clearly marked with an “A+”. We had a 6th humpback surface quickly but we never got an ID.

The afternoon featured a lot of the same whales, including our Trio and A-Plus. We did however also get treated to a breach by Jabiru right off our bow! Before that we spent quite a while with an unidentified humpback whale who was open mouth surface feeding and bubble feeding! It’s always a treat to see feeding at the surface since usually it happens below. There was also another two humpback whales in the area we got to watch for a little bit.

It started getting choppy while on whales but it smoothed out on our ride back in. Overall, a great whale watching day!

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