Aug 26

What a great day!  It was so hot on the dock before we departed, but nice and cool offshore!  We also had nice, calm seas which made for great spotting conditions.

Not far out of the harbor, we saw two groups of harbor porpoises. This must have been a sign of the great things to come. We continued on and saw a couple minke whales, then a fin in the water. We thought it was a basking shark, which are fairly common, but it turned out to be a blue shark!

As we headed further south, we started seeing blows. Soon, there were humpbacks all around us! There were at least 8 whales in the area, but we spent most of our time with Echo and calf, who were very active. At one point, both even breached several times, within seconds of each other – not something you get to see every day!  Echo also did some flipper-slapping and both came close to the boat. They were joined by Perseid at one point.

Other whales in the area included Hancock, Cajun, and a few other whales we haven’t yet identified!  We also had some great looks at a harbor seal pup that was swimming around the boat!

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