August 27

Our morning trip took us not too far into Stellwagen Bank. We found a finback whale just past some humpbacks, so we quickly got some looks before turning back towards the humpbacks.

Before making it to the humpbacks we saw another finback whale and a minke whale. There were two humpback whales hanging out together, one was ID’ed as A-Plus. These two were surfacing feeding using bubble clouds and came right up to the boat several times for some amazing looks at their entire bodies!

We spent most of the morning with this pair but we did get some looks at a third humpback whale in the area. This one we saw the their day but is still unidentified. On our way back in we came across a small pod of toothed whales! Whether these were harbor porpoises or A

tlantic white sided dolphins we aren’t entirely sure. They had characteristics of both and I never got a clear enough photo of them. Either way still a fun sight!

Our afternoon trip took us to the same area, where A-Plus was now hanging out with a different humpback whale ID’ed as UFO. We spent some time with this pair before heading to not one but three feeding finback whales! It was really cool to see this trio of giants lunge feeding at the surface together. After some time they split up and headed towards where the humpback pair was. At one point we had fin whales on our left and humpbacks on our right!

We got wonderful close up looks at the fin whale, who rolled over to show us it’s white belly! After close looks we shifted our focus to the humpback whales. The pair fluked close by, gave us great looks and then we turned and headed towards home. Such a beautiful day out there!

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