August 29

Great whales this morning! We came into an area where 3 whales quickly turned to 4 and before we knew it there were whales in every direction! We estimate about 15 or so. We got to first spend time with a group of 4 humpback whales who came right up to the boat a few times and swam right underneath our bow! We ID’ed part of this group as Jabiru, Pele and A-Plus.

We then saw a Mother and calf pair. The mother was ID’ed as Etch-A-Sketch! We got wonderful looks at the pair while they swam down the side of the boat. We saw a few single whales in the area before heading to a pair who was flipper slapping! One of these whales was UFO and the other Coral. On our way back in we stopped on the group of 4 again and saw 5 or more blows as we left the area.

Out afternoon trip took us out to the same area to see some of the same whales and a few others. Except this time they were feeding at the surface of the water! We had a feeding frenzy with multiple whale surfacing very close to the boat. Etch-A-Sketch came mouth open just feet from our bow! Her calf was nearby trying to keep busy while mom fed, at one point it turned right towards the bow and definitely was checking us out.

Most of the whales were kick feeding meaning they would slap the surface of the water with their tails to stun the fish and then appear with their mouth open wide right through the cloud of white water. We spent the whole trip in practically the same spot since more whales kept joining the area. We were able to identify a couple of the whales including Etch-a-Sketch, her calf, Infinity, Coral and UFO. Etch-a-Sketch’s calf at the end, right as we were leaving, decided to hold us hostage by slapping the surface of the water with its tail multiple times getting closer to the boat every couple slaps. It also did a few tail breaches!

Surface feeding is one of my favorite things to watch these whales do and it was a great way to start off the week. We hope you’ll join us this week as well as Labor Day Weekend as our season starts heading towards the end!

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