August 30

The whales have certainly been hungry lately! Perhaps they are stocking up for their lean upcoming winter. We had a fantastic afternoon on Stellwagen Bank again.  In addition to two minke whales, we found at least 9 different humpback whales including Echo and her calf, Coral, Glo-Stick, Midnight, Pleats (not Piano- sorry, I got some bad intel and didn’t double check it), Daffodil and a few others that I am still working on. The kick-feeding, bubble clouds, bubble nets and open-mouth feeding were amazing!  Whales were in every direction. At one point, our pair turned into a group of four! The whales were doing a whole lot of moving around and changing groups.  And then, just like we planned it, we ended our trip with Echo and her calf breaching, one right after the other! Beautiful!

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