Saturday, Sept 10

This morning we started our trip on the NW corner of Stellwagen Bank. We found London traveling along with an ocean sunfish in the area. We decided to continue on down to the SW corner of Stellwagen Bank. There we found about 12 humpbacks whales in the area. We watched a group of 5 to start off our trip including Canopy, Perseid, Jabiru, Aerospace, and Jupiter. We spotted some flipper slapping about 1/4 mile away, we decided to go take a look and ended up with amazing looks at Music and her calf. Music continued to flipper slap with her calf by her side. We got some amazing close looks.

This afternoon we had reports of whales on the southern end of Jeffrey’s Ledge. We decided to go on another adventure to see what we could find. The gamble was worth it! We found 7 humpback whales in the area, a group of 4, Ravine and calf, Crisscross, and Pleats. All the whales were traveling together, the calf tail breached once. We finished the trip with Storm and her calf. The pair was logging (taking a snooze) at the surface when we first spotted them. They continued to nap, we were granted amazing close looks at Storm and her calf. Right before we left, Storm began flipper slapping. I had to remind the passengers that we did not have her trained to say “goodbye.” It was a gorgeous evening out on the water!

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