Tuesday, Sept 13

Today we decided to mix things up a bit and headed north towards the vicinity of Jeffreys Ledge. As was per usual up this way, the whales were well west of the actual Ledge.  We found two humpback whales who were together at first with a minke whale in close proximity to the pair. These were Jabiru and Fulcrum, both adult females.  After a few surfacings together, the pair broke up, each going their separate way. There were other blows around- more humpback whales- but they seemed to be a bit busy, disappearing just as soon as they appeared.  We got a close look at one of the minke whales as it crossed our bow!  Then we decided to explore some other areas to see what else we could find but to no avail.  We will be tied to the dock for the next couple of days but are looking forward to searching for whales again on Friday!

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