Sat, Sept 17

It was a beautiful day out on Stellwagon Bank. For our morning trip we headed south and started out the day with a small pod of Atlantic white sided dolphins. They were hard to spot given the choppy conditions but it was great to see them thriving. We then passed by a small harbor seal pup shortly after. When we reached our destination we first spent some time with a humpback named Lollipop, a three year old whale.  Lollipop gave us some great views of the underside of his/her tail. We then moved on to a humpback named UFO. UFO is easily identified by the circular scar behind its blowhole. UFO made the passengers trip by surfacing many times right next to the boat.

The afternoon was just as beautiful as the morning trip. We spent a full hour with four humpback whales. Three out of four were associating in a trio. Those three included Lollipop, Infinity and Habenero. They were sporadically moving around in all different directions, tail breaching and snaking, which means they were most likely feeding. UFO was also in the area but was not associating with the trio. UFO gave the passengers a real good show when he/she did a spinning head breach right in front of the bow of the boat! To wrap up our trip, while we were about to dock up the boat, a full-grown harbor seal popped right up out of the water to check us out.

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