Sept 26

Today’s whale watch started off with a big splash…literally! We could see a whale breaching from the distance for about five minutes before we finally got close enough for it to breach right next to the boat, not once but twice! This whale I believe is a whale recently named Lollipop. After spending some time with Lollipop, watching her do a couple breaches and some flipper slapping we noticed a couple other blows in the area and decided to check some of them out.

We saw about five more whales in the area including Nile and her calf. This pair was taking a little nap or doing a behavior known as logging. We got some really amazing close-up looks at both Nile and her calf as they floated at the surface in nearly glass conditions. At one point a third humpback whale joined Nile and her calf before separating and going on it’s own. It was very peaceful out there today so these sleepy whales were very easy to watch.

We left the pair alone and headed off to another blow in the distance. This belong to another humpback whale who surfaced very close to the boat a few times and even popped up with a friend for a surface or two.

There was also a few minke whales around, swimming in the same general area as the humpback whales. And when it was time to turn around and head towards home we saw an ocean sunfish, also called a Mola mola. Personally this was the first one I had seen all summer! We got back to Gloucester Harbor just in time to enjoy the rest of today’s beautiful afternoon!

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