October 12

We had a bit of a cruise today, but it was totally worth it!  We got a quick look at a minke whale, and then saw a dogfish (small shark) right off the bow!  We then moved into an area with many humpback whales, 10 in all.  They were so busy taking shallow dives that we didn’t get a great look at all of their flukes. But at one point 5 of the whales were all together, and even did some bubble-feeding! Identified whales in this group included Salt (the first whale cataloged in the Gulf of Maine, in 1976!) and her 14th calf, Sriracha, along with a male named Tear.  In addition to the bubble-feeding, we got to see several tail breaches!  It was a beautiful calm day and a great example of why we love autumn whale watching!

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