October 18

On this gloomy, foggy Tuesday, we were quite pleased with our whale sightings on the northern part of Stellwagen Bank today! We passed by a small pod of harbor porpoises on our way, and then we came upon 21 humpback whales and at least 3 minke whales. The humpbacks were gathered in 2 large groups of 7-9 each, with a couple of pairs on the outskirts and one single whale breaching in the foggy distance.  Our groups of whales were bubble net feeding while one of the calves was playing around on the periphery of the group.  Sand eels (aka sand lance) were plentiful as were the pelagic bird sightings including great and Corys shearwaters, gannets, kittiwakes and even a couple of loons in the harbor! Such an incredible day of whale watching!

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