October 20

Wow!  Today was one of my favorite days of the season.  We had gorgeous weather (70+ degrees in late October?!) and calm seas, and nearly too many whales to count!

We headed out about 14 miles from the harbor to Stellwagen Bank, where we found a plethora of feeding whales! Sometimes we’ll see 1 or 2 whales bubble-feeding and it happens once or twice. Not so today – we had at least 12-15 humpbacks feeding in large groups constantly while we watched them!  There were 4-6 humpbacks feeding together at once, and they were moving around a lot, so it made it difficult to count the number of whales and keep track of who was who.  We had at least two calves also, and they were rolling around a lot at the surface.

Several times, we were surrounded by whales. We’d look off one side of the boat and start to see a ring of bubbles rising to the surface. Humpbacks use the bubbles to trap schools of fish. As we watched the bubbles, the whales would surface inside them, mouths open, sometimes several whales at once!  The same thing would be happening on the other side of the boat.

We haven’t identified all the whales yet, but so far have identified Tornado and calf, Wizard and calf, Hippocampus, Basin, Hancock and Springboard. Springboard was with a group of whales and for some reason, would roll on her side every time the group surfaced.

In addition to the whales, there were a number of seabirds feeding – we even saw a gull ride on a humpback’s head for a short time!

We’re scheduled to go out through the end of this month – come join us! Thanks to everyone who joined us today.

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